Rattle Detection and Prevention for Door Module of a Car Using Hybrid SEA-FEM method

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کد مقاله : 1085-ISAV2019 (R1)
1دانشگاه سمنان-سمنان-ایران
2دانشگاه سمنان- سمنان-ایران
Nowadays the interior sounds quality has a great importance in the automotive industry since it is significant for the customer understanding of vehicle quality. Squeak and rattle (S&R) is a group of periodic interior noise that degrade the feeling of quality significantly. Squeak is a friction-induced noise due to comparative movement resulting from slip stick phenomenon between interfacing surfaces while rattle is an impact induced phenomenon that occurs when there is a relative motion between components or parts with a short loss of contact. To recognize and solve S&R problems the car manufacturers do both simulations and tests in laboratory for vehicles as well as subsystems. In this study, possible rattle sources are investigated for the door trim of a car using clearance analysis by numerical simulation. Impact statistics and overall force level at potential rattle places are computed through random vibration excitation analyses and then, overall acoustic response and loudness are calculated using hybrid Statistical Energy- Finite Element analysis (SEA-FEA). This procedure repeated for modified thicknesses of lower interior cover and inside connections.
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