A Review of Industrial Applications of Ultrasonics
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1دانشگاه شهید بهشتی
2مخابرات، دانشکده مهندسی برق، دانشگاه شهید بهشتی، تهران، ایران.
This paper presents a detailed review of applications of ultrasound in different industries. It was found that ultrasonic waves, due to their natural characteristics, i.e., low frequency and relative ease in their generation, reflective property, applications in distance and size detection of objects, and appropriate energy levels, as well as their minimal harmful effect on live fabric, have tremendous potential in application to different industries. Particular attention has been given to techniques with more interesting, simpler implementation and potentially wider use. Results of the literature survey confirm that given the present technologies, ultrasonic waves thanks to their inherent characteristics, and generation and propagation methods, have countless applications in different industries. It is hoped that the information provided in this paper generates more public awareness of the extent of fascinating ultrasonic applications in various industries, and as a result, increase associated research and development funding.
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