Equivalent Modeling in Rotor-dynamics: The Case Study of a Blower Shaft
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1School of Mechanical Engineering, Arak University of Technology, 1177-38135, Arak, Iran.
2Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, Arak University of Technology, Arak, Iran.
3Maintenance Department, Imam Khomeini Oil Refinery Company, Shazand, Iran.
Analytical prediction of rotor dynamic behavior depends on the accuracy of the models used. The modeling method transforms the complex physical system to a simplified low order equivalent mathematical representation. In this paper, equivalent modeling of a blower shaft is considered. There is an impeller mounted on the shaft which introduces difficulties in equivalent modelling of the assembly. A detailed FE model is constructed for the shaft as a reference in the validation procedure. It is shown that the method used for modeling the im-peller is responsible for the deviation between the dynamic properties of the equivalent and detailed models.
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